Softball Pitching Programs

At the VeloLab, we train our athletes using feedback from objective measurements gained through our assessments - mobility, power, strength and pitching mechanics.

From these assessments we put together a program that suits their individual needs. Then we trust them and communicate with them to continue progress and make adjustments when necessary. Far too often, coaches think they have all the answers (they don't), and are unwilling to be flexible. We know every athlete is different, so we adjust accordingly.

At the end of the day, we train our athletes to:

Stay Healthy

Throw Hard

Spin the Ball

Locate Pitches

A combination of these qualities makes for a successful career, and we are committed to helping our athletes achieve their max in each of them. But information is only worth something if you know what to do with it. Not every athlete has the same goals, and not every athlete starts from the same spot. Taking these assessments and putting together a program that work for the specific athlete is what makes the program successful. Too often, coaches apply the same program to an entire team - and don't get consistent results. With our training, you'll get a program that is customized to the athlete as an individual, to help them accomplish their goals.

Currently, we offer both ONLINE REMOTE and IN-HOUSE training. So if you're ready to work harder and smarter than you've ever worked, contact us today.