VeloLab Arm Care Kit

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The first and best quality softball plyoballs on the market. Used by Power 5 schools and players, as well as professional pitchers. Along with our J-Bands and wristweights, these are a must have for any serious softball player. Keep your arm healthy, and perform at your best.

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All Plyo Ball purchases come with free year-round arm care program!
-Warm-up more efficiently. Proper warm up leads to better performance and lower risk of injury -Recover better and get back to playing faster and at a higher level
-Increase arm strength -Develop efficient mechanical patterns -Create better feel for mechanics through overload weights
-VeloLab plyo balls are durable and built to last -Throw against smooth walls, wood, or netting.
-Used for position players (overhand) and pitchers (underhand)     Each set of 6 includes plyo balls in the following sizes: – Gray: 32oz – Red: 16oz – Blue: 12oz – Green: 8oz – Yellow: 6oz – Purple: 4oz Along with PlyoBalls, each set contains a pair of 3kg wrist weights and one set of j-bands. We accept all returns and refunds, no questions asked, for defective products within 45 days of purchase.