VeloLab Online Membership


  • Thorough program and drill explanations, including full video library.
  • Flexible, comprehensive programming to develop athletes year round towards their goals of being elite youth, high school and college players.
  • Same program templates used in our gym to develop strong and durable players.
  • Discounts on Training Equipment
  • Early Access to new products and training programs
  • Lifetime Access to Updates



Velo X was built to help coaches and players alike develop arms into powerful and durable assets.


Velo X membership includes…

Detailed exercises and throwing program templates
Discounted pricing on all training equipment
Early access to new products and training programs


Programs for Pitchers and Position Players:

General Arm Care
Velocity Development
Command Development
In-Season vs. Off-Season programming
On-Ramp and Pre-Season Training


Who is this for?

Anyone who is serious about the development of their skills, or the skills of players they coach.
And the best part? The membership never expires.
Which means you get access to all the best programming and every single update that we make to it in the future.