High Performance Pitching Clinic

Athletes will be given access to their data, as well as a collection of suggestions that our instructors will give based on the assessment results. These will include movement corrective exercises, and skills exercises centered around velocity and spin improvement. Not only will you be able to learn from them on the day of the event, but you will have information to equip your continued development after the event is over!


All athletes will receive evaluations in three areas. During these evaluations, instructors will describe “ideal” movements, and how they apply to each athlete individually. Each athlete will leave equipped with greater knowledge, as well as an actual plan to continue getting better.

Physical Evaluation: Rotational Movement + Stability/Mobility Screening


Oftentimes, athletes are asked to move into positions that they cannot physically get into or hold once they get in to them. Rather than throwing a million verbal cues at an athlete, we will assess the athlete to see what their physical limitations are and then work with the athlete from that point.

A proper physical assessment is key to understanding which inefficiencies to attack first, as how to go about it in a way that will keep the athlete as healthy as possible while simultaneously increasing performance.

Kinematic Evaluation: Biomechanical Screening

Assess an athlete’s ‘mechanics”

Get an accurate picture of how you’re moving. Is the body moving in the proper sequence to transfer energy in to the ball as efficiently as possible? If the body moving as fast as it needs to during acceleration? Is the body decelerating properly to transfer energy from one segment to the next efficiently? These and other questions are important indications of how an athlete moves, and where there may be inefficiencies we can attack.

Pitch Evaluation: Speed & Spin Assessments

Assess an athlete’s ability to throw hard and impart proper spin

Understanding how to balance a pitching repertoire starts with understanding what your strengths and weaknesses are. Get a clear indication of how hard you’re throwing and how each pitch is spinning. By creating pitch profiles for each pitch, we are able to see where an athlete should focus, and what changes need to be made to build the best possible arsenal.

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