A Smarter Way to Train...

What started out as a way to help a few athletes learn how to throw has blossomed into something much bigger. Through our research and technology, we have been able to develop programs specific to our athletes to help them maximize their potential. We know that there's a lot more to discover than what we currently know about throwing mechanics - both overhand and underhand. With that in mind, our mission is to teach our athletes to take ownership of their own training. By educating our athletes, we set the foundations for what hopes to be a long, successful, healthy career. By using some today's most advanced tech, such as our Rapsodo machine, high speed cameras, Stalker radar, motus sleeves, and more, we can do more than just give you cues. We can show you what is going on, how we are going to fix it, and the objective results that follow.

A Different Approach...

Rather than the traditional lesson model, we offer programming that stays with an athlete for their entire year. We schedule down time, ramp up times, in-season, out-season and much more in to our athlete's regimen throughout the year. This allows our athletes to peak at the right time with a healthy arm and efficient mechanics. Whether you're looking for overhand throwing programs, team programs, or pitching programs, we've got you covered. Contact us today to get started either in our facility if you're in Knoxville, or in one of our online remote programs if that's too fay away.


Our Softball Pitching Programs are the first of their kind. Relying on data and feedback from years of testing, we put together programs that address the needs of our athletes, allowing them to keep their arms in good shape while creating more efficient mechanics. It's the best way to keep our players healthy and performing at their best. Check out our FREE 8-WEEK PROGRAM by signing up for our newsletter and see what it's all about!